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Website Copywriting that Compels and Sells

What happens when visitors arrive on your website? Do they find the products and services they want? Are they compelled to buy? Or do they scan your copy and then click off in search of someone else to do business with? Professional website copywriting intrigues visitors and converts them into paying customers. If the writing on your website is sloppy or unclear, you won’t be able to convey your message, and your potential customers will become somebody else’s paying customers. Making a Good Impression Website visitors want information and they want it fast. The text on your site should describe Read More

Why Website Copywriting is Not a Twenty-Minute Job

Recently, I was discussing website copywriting with a colleague. When I mentioned that I usually spend about three hours writing a home page, he seemed stunned. He told me that it usually takes him about half an hour to write a home page. On a good day, twenty minutes. Interestingly, our rates were pretty much the same. The whole conversation got me thinking: Do you really want your entire business represented by something that took all of twenty minutes to write? That’s not a whole lot of time to invest in a home page, which is basically your core marketing Read More