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Questions to Ask Your Website Designer

If you’re launching a new business and need a website or if you’re getting a redesign for your existing website, there are some questions you should ask your website designer about their work and about the project. Most business owners aren’t web professionals and might not understand the intricacies of how a website is built and managed. For example, I’ve worked with clients who didn’t realize that their website’s domain name had been registered by their website developer. They literally did not own their own websites. I’ve also worked with clients whose websites were broken and dysfunctional; we discovered that Read More


How to Plan Your Small Business Website Design: Tips for Non-Designers

In any small business website design project, the planning phase is the most critical. If you’re working with a website designer, it’s essential that you communicate your vision clearly so the designer can make your vision a reality. And your designer should provide clear examples, ideas, and images that will help you understand what the site will look like and how it will function once it’s completed. There are three basic components to any design: the design itself (look and feel of the site), content (text and images that will appear on the site), and functionality (how it works). As Read More


Nine Things You Should Know About Web Design and Development

Web design and development is a balancing act. We want a compelling design filled with meaningful content, but we must work within the limitations of technology. We designers work with a bunch of tools and code, some of which come with limitations. Some design tasks are fast and easy; others can take hours to implement. As a business owner, you might find yourself making some hard choices about how to spend your resources when it comes to designing, building, and maintaining your website. Do you want a flashy slideshow that features your services, or do you want a secure store Read More


9 Things to Avoid in Web Design for a Small Business

When you’re shopping around for a small business website design, do you know what to look for and what to avoid? Do you know which design elements will make your site more appealing and which elements will turn visitors away? If you’ve spent much time surfing the web, you’ve probably noticed that some websites’ design elements are distracting, annoying, or just plain ugly. We’ve all bumped into a few websites that make us want to scream. Luckily, escape is just a click away. But if you’re a small business owner, you definitely don’t want visitors clicking away from your website, Read More


How to Get Started with Your Small Business Website

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably pretty busy. You’re managing a team of employees, generating leads, balancing books, or simply doing whatever it is that you do best. Maybe you’re a plumber. Or a personal trainer. Maybe you run a boutique or a roller skating rink. Whatever it is that you do, you know your field of expertise, and website design is not it. How can you make smart decisions about your small business website if you’re not an expert in websites or design?


What the Best Small Business Website Designs Have in Common

Your website is your number one marketing tool, and it is a premium opportunity to communicate all your small business offerings. When visitors come to your website, they’ll sum it up in a flash based on what they see. Content is important, but aesthetics are a close second. Whether you’re designing your own website or hiring someone to design one for you, you should have a solid idea of how you want to portray your business. If you have already started establishing your identity with a logo and a marketing plan, then you’ve got the foundation you need for your Read More


How to Get a Successful Website for Your Small Business

Every small business needs a website, but how does a small business owner, who is not a website designer, go about planning a website or hiring a professional designer? As you travel around the web, you’ll see that not all websites are created equally. Some are stunning in their aesthetic appeal. Others are impressive in the quality of their content. Many miss the mark because of stale, poorly planned designs or weak, ineffective content. Many small business owners run out and get a website without any foresight or planning. I get requests for quotes almost every day from business owners Read More