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How to Choose Keywords for Your Website

The English language is incredible. There are hundreds of different word combinations that can be used to communicate a single idea. And every combination is a possible SEO keyword phrase for some website. Maybe yours. So how do you decide which words and phrases to use when you’re optimizing your website to increase search engine traffic? Do you choose keywords with the highest search volume? The ones that you’re already using on your site or that are already drawing traffic? Do you pick keywords with the least competition? All of these questions must be addressed through the course of developing Read More


How to Conduct Comprehensive SEO Research

Research is one of the most important steps in optimizing a website to increase search-engine traffic, and it’s one of the steps that laypersons often skip or complete inadequately. Before starting on research, you need to know what information you’re looking for. But research also requires some critical thinking. Once you get the information, what are you going to do with it? How will it impact your SEO project? For example, let’s say you’re a personal trainer. You want people to be able to find you online, so you figure you’ll optimize for the keyword “personal trainer.” You create content, Read More


An Introduction to SEO Keywords

Whenever I’m working on a website copywriting project, I ask my client to fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand their business. This enables me to write copy that truly represents the client’s company, mission, and goals. One of the items on the questionnaire used to be “Please list any keywords related to your website or business.” I quickly found out that very few small business owners understood what I meant by “keywords.”  Sometimes, they would jot down something like “use your best judgment.” Usually, they’d list a few keywords, but it was clear that they weren’t researched keywords Read More


Beyond the Copy: The Code of Search Engine Optimization

Researching and choosing keywords and then writing keyword optimized copy for your website is only one part of the equation in search engine optimization (SEO). Implementing proper HTML code is another way to give your site’s search engine performance a boost. Many websites don’t go this deep into SEO, and some may perform well without optimizing the code, but if you can find an SEO specialist who can provide code as well as content, you’ll see better returns on your investment. Understanding Code Many types of programming codes can be used to render websites. HTML, CSS, javascript, and PHP are Read More


An Introduction to SEO Copywriting

When I first started working as a website copywriter, I knew relatively little about search engine optimization (SEO). I understood that keywords could open the door to search engine traffic, but I didn’t realize just how much effort was involved in successfully finding and implementing those keywords using SEO. In hindsight, I entered the SEO copywriting niche almost by accident. Back then, I provided general copywriting services for online and for print. As I settled into my newfound profession and increasingly focused on web content writing, I noticed that I was receiving more and more requests for “keyword articles.” The Read More


An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses

My first introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) happened several years ago when I first started learning about website management and blogging. I already knew how to create a website and write the content, but getting traffic was a completely different ballgame. Search engine optimization was a distant promise that if you built a website, and then optimized it for search engines, visitors would come. But it seemed highly complicated. There were long lists of things you should and shouldn’t do to attract search engine traffic. I studied it from a distance for a long time. And then I became Read More