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Build or Buy: The Ethics of Mailing Lists

Did you know you can purchase a mailing list? You can buy postal mailing lists or lists of e-mail addresses. You can even buy targeted lists and go after specific demographics. And then you can send your marketing messages to anyone on the lists you have purchased. If you’ve ever wondered why you receive e-mails from companies you’ve never heard of — for products and services you have no interest in — now you know how it happened. Someone got your address, put it on a list, and sold it off. These types of e-mails are called spam or junk Read More

How to Grow Your Mailing List

A mailing list is one of the most effecting marketing tools that a small business or independent professional can develop. You can use your mailing list to build relationships with new customers or strengthen existing customer loyalty by sharing exclusive offers, inside scoops, and special discounts. But a mailing list is useless if it’s not well populated, and getting people to sign up isn’t always easy, especially when you’re starting out. Here are some tips that will help you grow your small business’s mailing list: Make sure it’s easy for people to join your mailing list. Place subscription forms in Read More

The Purpose of Online Marketing Strategies

What’s the difference between traditional and online marketing strategies? Simple. Online marketing strategies are executed entirely on the web. Of course, that’s assuming it’s happening at all. Plenty of business owners and website managers are wandering around, handing out blank business cards. They are failing miserably at marketing their products and services online, even if they’ve established some kind of online presence.

Does Your Small Business Need a Google Plus Page?

Every time a new social media network hits the scene, small businesses sign up and do their best to leverage it as a new and innovative marketing platform. Google Plus has been around for a few years now, and it’s no exception. Businesses small and large have established presences there, and some have found it to be a useful way to connect with audiences. Many marketing gurus will insist that every small business must join every social media network available. It’s essential, they’ll say, and that’s almost never true. Whether or not Google Plus (or any other social media network) Read More

Quick-and-Easy Online Marketing Opportunities

Are you missing simple opportunities to promote your business online? When you’re working for yourself or running your own business, the lines between your personal and professional life start to blur. You are no longer on the clock or off the clock because you own the clock. And you want it to tick. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably don’t have time to sit around thinking about online marketing. You’ve got a business to run and resources may be tight, but you know your customers are on the web and you want to be able to reach them. Where do Read More

Beyond the Copy: The Code of Search Engine Optimization

Researching and choosing keywords and then writing keyword optimized copy for your website is only one part of the equation in search engine optimization (SEO). Implementing proper HTML code is another way to give your site’s search engine performance a boost. Many websites don’t go this deep into SEO, and some may perform well without optimizing the code, but if you can find an SEO specialist who can provide code as well as content, you’ll see better returns on your investment. Understanding Code Many types of programming codes can be used to render websites. HTML, CSS, javascript, and PHP are Read More

Social Media Marketing: Tips for Managing Your Twitter Profile

Twitter has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for some businesses and entrepreneurs. But many others wonder why they aren’t getting followers, why nobody retweets their content, or why followers unfollow them in droves. If you’re using Twitter as a tool to connect with customers, then you need to take a professional and strategic approach. This doesn’t mean your tweets have to be formulaic, but it does mean you need to be mindful of your target audience. For example, if you’re trying to sell auto repair services, your customers may not respond to a profile image that shows you Read More

SEO Strategies: How to Choose Keywords for Your Website

Whenever I’m working on a website copywriting project, I ask my client to fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand their business. This enables me to write copy that truly represents the client’s company, mission, and goals. One of the items on the questionnaire used to be “Please list any keywords related to your website or business.” I quickly found out that very few small business owners understood what I meant by “keywords.”  Sometimes, they would jot down something like “use your best judgment.” Usually, they’d list a few keywords, but it was clear that they weren’t researched keywords Read More

Online Marketing and Thinking Like a Customer

With all the available outlets for online marketing, many small business owners are confused and overwhelmed. There are blogs to post, social media profiles to update, and newsletters to send out. Coupons, directories, search engines, ads. The online marketing strategies you’re supposed to be engaged in never end. To make matters worse, small business owners have a hard time latching on to a clear and meaningful message. Their websites are full of industry jargon that customers can’t relate to. Their tweets are self-indulgent braggery (we’re number one!) or desperate pleas (please buy from us!). They’re increasingly being seduced by wily Read More

Social Media Marketing: Does Your Small Business Need a Facebook Page?

These days, small business owners are flocking to social media networks to promote their businesses. Social media marketing provides ample opportunities for businesses to strengthen customer loyalty, generate buzz, and attract new customers. Social media is not difficult for anyone with basic computer and Internet skills. However, there is a learning curve for each network. Twitter and Facebook don’t function the same way or share the same purpose. LinkedIn is targeted to a different audience than Pinterest. In order to truly benefit from social media marketing, it’s crucial to examine each social media network and decide whether it’s a good Read More