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Doing Business Online with Transparency

One of the benefits of doing business online is that you have a platform from which you can communicate openly with the world at large. You can engage customers, relay information about your industry, and broadcast details about your business. You can also practice transparency. Merriam-Webster defines transparent as follows: a: free from pretense or deceit; frank b: easily detected or seen through : obvious c: readily understood d: characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices. Let’s examine these definitions and see how they can be applied to doing business online.


Ten Strategies for Doing Business Online

These days, having an effective online presence can make or break your business. Even if you have a traditional brick-and-mortar location, setting up shop online will give you access to a larger customer pool, provide a cost-effective avenue for information sharing, and dramatically open up your opportunities for marketing. More and more entrepreneurs are skipping brick and mortar altogether and are exclusively doing business online. For small business owners who are used to working behind a storefront or in an office, making the switch or expanding into the online arena can be challenging, confusing, and overwhelming. The benefits of doing Read More


Doing Business Online with Niche Marketing

Today’s businesses are learning to harness the power of niche marketing, and many modern small businesses are being built entirely around niches. This smart strategy puts small businesses in a position to target a smaller and more well-defined pool of customers. Niches are effective for business models in the brick and mortar world, but they’re even more effective when you’re doing business online.


Doing Business Online with Multiple Income Streams

Most small business have established an online presence. They have a website and are running ad campaigns and using marketing strategies to draw targeted traffic to their sites. But some small businesses are missing online opportunities for diversifying their income streams because their efforts to draw traffic are too targeted or their offerings are too limited. Think Outside the Box and Beyond the Zip Code Take, for example, a small nursery with a simple website that provides their location, hours of operation, and listings of plants and flowers that are in season. The only customers they’re targeting are people who Read More


An Introduction to Doing Business Online

Many of my clients have done business offline. And by offline, I mean they do all their business in the three-dimensional world that exists beyond computers and the Internet. Some of them are new business owners who are just starting out and want to make sure they establish an effective online presence. Others have been in business for years and are finally ready to harness the Internet to expand their customer reach and product or service offerings. Many want nothing more than to update their website with current information, a fresh design, and compelling copy. A few would prefer to Read More