Web Content Development Step Two: Planning

web content development

Do you have a web content development plan?

We’ve already talked about how to lay the groundwork for your web content development by brainstorming. You jotted down your ideas, conducted research, and expanded on those ideas. You looked at the competition and learned what your industry is doing in the online marketplace. You took notes and made lists. You asked questions and came up with answers.

You went in empty handed and came out with a better understanding of what your online presence should look like.

Now that you’re done brainstorming, you should have plenty of ideas for your web content development plan. Maybe you’ve got it scrawled on a bunch scrap paper. Perhaps you used an orderly mind mapping technique or created a PowerPoint presentation.

Take a look at your notes. Those are the seeds you’ve gathered. Now you need to plant those seeds and make them grow. You have to water and fertilize them, and make sure those seedlings get plenty of sunshine. To do this, you’re going to need a plan: a web content development plan.Read More

Quick Tips for Better Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Just a few minutes is all it takes to do a little social media marketing.

Once you get a social media profile set up and a campaign underway, there are lots of things you can do in just a few minutes each day to boost your presence and performance.

For small businesses, social media campaigns usually involve batch-creating content that will be shared on social media over time. This includes graphics, links (often to your business’s website), and text. For example, you might create a campaign in which you share one tip with your customers each week. If you’re an electrician, you might share tips about the best lightbulbs; if you’re a hairdresser, you might share hair-care tips. You create a series of tips in advance and then share them on your social media over time — that’s your campaign.

But there are other things small businesses can do to expand social media marketing efforts, quick actions that take just a few minutes and can be done in real-time. Read More

How to Choose Keywords for Your Website

choosing keywords

How to choose SEO keywords for your small business website.

The English language is incredible. There are hundreds of different word combinations that can be used to communicate a single idea. And every combination is a possible SEO keyword phrase for some website. Maybe yours.

So how do you decide which words and phrases to use when you’re optimizing your website to increase search engine traffic? Do you choose keywords with the highest search volume? The ones that you’re already using on your site or that are already drawing traffic? Do you pick keywords with the least competition?

All of these questions must be addressed through the course of developing a comprehensive SEO plan. But for a small business website, one question rises above the rest: Which search terms are your customers using?Read More

How to Grow Your E-Mail List

how to grow your email list

How to grow your e-mail list.

A mailing list is one of the most effecting marketing tools that a small business or independent professional can develop. You can use your mailing list to build relationships with new customers or strengthen existing customer loyalty by sharing exclusive offers, inside scoops, and special discounts.

But a mailing list is useless if it’s not well populated, and getting people to sign up isn’t always easy, especially when you’re starting out.

Here are some tips for small businesses that will help you grow your e-mail list:Read More

How to Attract New Customers Online

how to attract new customers

How to attract new customers online.

All businesses want to attract new customers while keeping their existing customers interested in their products and services. But drawing new customers is hard, especially when you’re a small business on a tight budget. Fortunately, the Internet has leveled the playing field, allowing small businesses to compete in the marketplace using strategic and cost-effective online marketing strategies.

There are two important aspects of attracting new customers: first, you need to get your business in front of people, but you also need to appeal to them with a message that resonates.Read More

Doing Business Online with Transparency

business transparency

Business transparency.

One of the benefits of doing business online is that you have a platform from which you can communicate openly with the world at large. You can engage customers, relay information about your industry, and broadcast details about your business.

You can also practice transparency.

Merriam-Webster defines transparent as follows:

a: free from pretense or deceit; frank b: easily detected or seen through : obvious c: readily understood d: characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.

Let’s examine these definitions and see how they can be applied to doing business online.Read More

Why Generic Website Copy is Bad for Business

website copy

Get custom website copy.

A few months ago I launched a quest to find a new dentist, and it was not an easy task. My last dentist, while trying to poke around inside my mouth, informed his assistant that I was a hypersensitive patient (and sent her off to fetch the nitrous oxide). I’m sure that had something to do with the fact that I was maniacally clutching the armrest while burrowing my head into the dental chair. Oh yeah, and my mouth kept closing all by itself every time he lunged at me with a sharp instrument.

A few dental procedures gone wrong had made me wary, if not downright fearful, of dentists. So I need a professional who is compassionate toward patients with dental phobias and anxieties. I’m looking for a dentist with an extra-special skill set.

Since I’m one of those technology-savvy generation Xers and because I am also an Internet professional, I launched my search online. Google gave me plenty of options, and I got busy perusing the many dentists within a fifteen-mile radius. Within minutes I had about a dozen potential dentistry websites opened, and I got busy reading through them to see which one would tell me what I wanted to hear: We are sympathetic to your fear of dentists. We won’t hurt you.Read More

How to Succeed Online with a Business Blog

business blog

Blog your way to business success.

Every day, more and more business owners are finding out that a business blog can do wonders for their websites and their businesses. But that success requires more than launching a blog and publishing posts.

A successful business blog is strategically planned and executed in a meaningful way.

Before launching a business blog, it’s helpful to understand the benefits that your company can reap through blogging. Then you’ll be able to develop a plan specific to your business needs.

Here’s a look at how business blogging can increase traffic to your website and grow your business.

Read More

Service Spotlight: Copywriting


Spotlighting our copywriting services.

If you’re reading our blog, you may not know that Scribizzy provides a wide range of online marketing services for small businesses and independent professionals. One of our most popular services is copywriting. In fact, copywriting was originally the only service we offered. It’s no longer our core service (that would be website management), but it’s still one of our best sellers.

From writing copy for a website’s home page to editing our clients’ blog posts, our copywriting and editorial services have helped small businesses increase website traffic, reach new customers, and boost revenue.

Lots of small business owners skimp on professional copy. Some write it themselves; others get a friend or relative who majored in English to write it; a few even use canned copy that is cheap because it’s duplicated on their competitors’ websites.

The copy we provide is fresh and tailored for each business it represents. It’s crafted to speak to the business’s target audience and compel them to become paying customers.

Whether you need someone to write optimized content for your website or edit your monthly newsletter, Scribizzy can help.

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Should You Get a WordPress Premium Theme for Your Small Business?

wordpress premium theme

Getting a WordPress premium theme.

Web design and development is always changing — and not just the look and feel of what’s current in website design and layout. The code evolves, the technology advances, and even the tools and systems we use for building and managing websites change.

WordPress has been the most effective, and the most popular, website management system for many years. One of the perks of using WordPress is that there are tons of add-ons, from the themes that render a website’s design to the plugins that enhance its functionality and performance.

In the beginning, there were free themes and custom themes. The free themes were often customized, which is to say that they were slightly tweaked, whereas a custom theme was built from the ground up, usually for a specific website or client. WordPress offered a gallery packed with tons of free themes, many of them quite stylish. Meanwhile, people were creating their own themes to get the tailored look and feel they wanted for any particular website. And often, designers would simply modify the code on a free theme. All of this was relatively easy.

But everything on the Internet changes fast. From browser requirements to design trends to Google’s guidelines, there’s a lot to keep up with. It seemed websites required constant updates and revisions to the code. Soon we started seeing premium WordPress themes — premium meaning that they incurred a cost, usually a one-time or annual licensing fee. Designers started moving away from hand-coding WordPress themes. The cost of building a custom website became prohibitive, and in some cases, pointless. Why spend hours building something that you can download and then configure to your liking with a few clicks and for a few dollars? Read More