Service Spotlight: Web Design

Web design in the spotlight.

Web design is a critical component of any business’s marketing strategy. The layout, colors, and language on your website are reflections of your business brand; your website’s design should align with the image you want your business to project.

A website’s content is just as important as its design. People visit a website with expectations, and you want your website to meet those expectations by providing the information that visitors are looking for. And content should always compel visitors to answer your call to action, which could be anything from making an online purchase to signing up for a newsletter.

The key to a successful web design is to showcase the content in a way that promotes your business brand and converts visitors into customers.Read More

What is WordPress, and Why Would a Small Business Use It?

what is wordpress

What is wordpress and should you use it for your small business website?

WordPress is quite possibly the best thing that has happened to websites since the Internet itself.

If you ask someone what WordPress is, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you it’s a blog platform, but it’s so much more than that.

Since it first hit the web in 2003 as blog software, WordPress has evolved into a fully functioning content management system. It stores your content, keeps it organized, and makes your website easy to manage and navigate. Best of all, it’s free.Read More

An Introduction to Website Performance Monitoring

website performance monitoring

Website performance monitoring: the basics.

Most small business owners and independent professionals invest considerably in their websites. They pay good money for design and content, and in return, they expect the site to perform well.

But what does that mean? How do we measure website performance? And what are the benefits of website performance monitoring and assessment?

Some website owners track their statistics obsessively. They log in to their statistic tools several times a day to see how many visitors they’re getting. We’ve come to think of website performance purely in terms of traffic. How many hits? How many pageviews? Then we go out and try to increase these numbers, forgetting that a proper assessment is far more involved.Read More

Why Every Small Business Needs a Website Manager

website manager

Add a website manager to your team.

Every small business needs a website. We all know that.

But what many small business owners don’t realize is that without a website manager, a website can quickly become outdated and ineffective.

A website manager will keep your site secure, updated, and working properly and can track your website’s performance, so you know exactly how it’s contributing to the success of your business.Read More

How to Get Started with Your Small Business Website

small business website

Getting started with a small business website.

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably pretty busy. You’re managing a team of employees, generating leads, balancing books, or simply doing whatever it is that you do best.

Maybe you’re a plumber. Or a personal trainer. Maybe you run a boutique or a roller skating rink. Whatever it is that you do, you know your field of expertise, and website design is not it.

How can you make smart decisions about your small business website if you’re not an expert in websites or design?Read More

What is Web Content and How Can a Small Business Use It?

what is web content

What is web content?

There’s a lot of talk on the Internet about web content. You should have it. It needs to be good. You can share it, market it, and sell it. Manage and maintain it. Have a plan – develop it. Use it to build your business. Use it to succeed.

Plenty of people sell web content and related services. You can hire a web content writer, developer, or manager. You might bump into web content consultants, specialists, or experts. You may even happen across someone who creates and then either publishes or sells web content as their entire business model.

But what is web content, anyway?

Defining Web Content

Generally speaking, web content is anything that you find on the web. It can include text, images, audio, and video.

In the early days of the Internet, which weren’t so long ago, web content was extremely limited. You could share files, but it took a long time for them to transmit. Text and light images comprised most of the content online.Read More

What is Social Media Marketing?

what is social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media has been all the rage for many years now; rather than a passing fad, it’s proving to be a permanent fixture in modern culture.

Ordinary users, celebrities, businesses, and even politicians have found social media to be a powerful tool for communication.

Yet many of my clients are confused by social media. What is it? How do I use this? Why should I use it? These are a few of the questions I get about social media.

Understanding Social Media

Before you can use social media marketing to promote your business, you need to understand what social media is, how it works, and how people use it.Read More

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Businesses

search engine optimization

Use search engine optimization to help customers find your business.

My first introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) happened several years ago when I first started learning about website management and blogging. I already knew how to create a website and write the content, but getting traffic was a completely different ballgame.

Search engine optimization was a distant promise that if you build a website, and then optimize it for search engines, visitors would come. But it seemed highly complicated. There were long lists of things you should and shouldn’t do to attract search engine traffic. I studied it from a distance for a long time.

And then I became a website copywriter.Read More

What is a Mailing List, and Does My Business Need One?

what is a mailing list

What is a mailing list?

Mailing lists were around long before e-mail and the Internet. Businesses have been using snail mail to entice customers for decades.

The concept is simple: collect people’s addresses and then mail them promotions and special offers.

You may have received some coupons from your favorite pizza joint. They got your address the last time you ordered pizza for delivery. They want to keep you as a customer, so now they’re using the valuable information they’ve obtained — your address — to make sure you don’t forget about them.

E-mail technology caused mailing lists to explode. Gone were the high costs of paper, printing, envelopes, and stamps. No more licking and sticking and shipping. Now we compose a message and shoot it out to every e-mail address on our list, and then we sit back and wait for customers to show up.Read More

Getting Started with Online Marketing for a Small Business

online marketing for small business

Tell the world about your website with online marketing for small business.

In the Information Age, terms like internet marketing, online marketing, and e-marketing get thrown around a lot. But what do they mean?

Business owners know that marketing is essential. You can’t get customers unless they know your business exists. You have to tell them about your products and services. That’s what marketing is all about.

You can hire someone to stand on a street corner holding a sign depicting your logo. That’s marketing. Distribute coupons so customers can receive discounts. That’s marketing too. So is taking out a newspaper or magazine ad. Even handing out your business card counts as marketing.Read More