• Helping Small Businesses Succeed Online

    You want your small business to stand out on the web, and we can help. Scribizzy provides a full suite of online marketing solutions designed to bring customers to your business.

    We provide long-term, ongoing website management. Whether you need a fresh website design or want someone to handle your website updates and online marketing efforts, we've got it covered.

    Our services also include website copywriting and editing as well as coaching to help you learn any aspect of your online presence that you want to manage yourself.

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From Our Design Portfolio

What is a Mailing List, and Does My Business Need One?

What is a mailing list? Mailing lists were around long before e-mail and the Internet. Businesses have been using snail mail to entice customers for decades. The concept is simple: collect people’s... [Read more]

online marketing for small business

Getting Started with Online Marketing for a Small Business

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doing business online

An Introduction to Doing Business Online

An introduction to doing business online. Many of my clients do business offline. And by offline, I mean they do all their business in the three-dimensional world that exists beyond computers... [Read more]